The pageant combining beauty and nature in celebration of womanhood, Mrs Earth, was held in Las Vegas from 6 to 11 June. Australia’s own Brisbane-based beauty queen Dr Sonia Sonia took out 3rd place and the international title of Mrs Earth Wind, a title awarded to the delegate who best represents a positive image for all women, and a healthy mind, body and spiritual realm, regardless of their size or age.

Dr Sonia who had never competed at an international level before and was thrilled to have performed so well. “Just goes to show that if you’re authentic, your true beauty will shine through!” Dr Sonia said.

Her message to women is that beauty is not skin deep. “I believe beauty is a character. It is a combination of many traits in an individual. Everyone is different and perceives beauty differently. Beauty for me is an advocate of kindness. It’s about being authentic, joyous, humble. It’s about inspiring people you come across. It’s a life long asset and brightens and enlightens the world forever. I do firmly believe that I am beautiful. I always spread this message to every one I meet – that they are beautiful.”

Coming to Australia more than a decade ago with nothing but the desire to find a new life after escaping an abusive past, Dr Sonia Sonia is now a dentist with three successful dental surgeries, an entrepreneur, a well-known personality and speaker in women dental forums around Australia and New Zealand, a pilot in training for her recreational license, and a reigning beauty queen with two titles under her belt. And most importantly, a wife and mother to two young children.

She is now competing in her second beauty pageant, Global Elite Miss International in Bloomington, Minnesota.

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