Like many successful businesses, Raeleen Kaesehagen’s new enterprise was born from necessity. As a busy mother of two on the Sunshine Coast, Raeleen noticed that the best classes in the area for her kids and her family were the hardest to find. Hence, mudputty was born.

mudputty is an online community that helps people to find and book classes in their local area. Launching in July 2018, the site also acts as a community for people who love to learn and share their passions. “I needed a central place where I could easily find and book classes for my whole family,” Raeleen said. “We designed mudputty to be simple, automated, and hassle-free for everyone. You can get reminders, updates about your activities, and calender scheduling so you can keep track of your classes.”

mudputty features activities from fitness groups and outdoor activities, to kids classes, music lessons, business and computer courses, art workshops, personal development and more. Filtered searching by type, age group, time, skill and category is designed to make finding an appropriate class as hassle free as possible. Raeleen says that the platform is designed with both consumers and class hosts in mind. “Starting your own business, and keeping on top of all the marketing and administration can be time consuming and costly. [mudputty is] like a business in a box: we handle all the marketing and systems for each host, so they can teach or share their passion while getting paid for it.”

While the majority of hosts are owners of existing businesses, or individuals who already run group classes and activities, mudputty is also open to people who want to share a passion or hobby, even if they have never taught a class before. Through mudputty’s online platform, class hosts can promote and fill their classes, receive pre paid class bookings, and connect with class attendees.

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