Music producer Alice Ivy has released of her newest single, Better Man, in collaboration with singer Benjamin Joseph. With a blend of electronic and R&B beats and Benjamin Joseph’s sensitively raw vocals, this new track proceeds the announcement of Ivy’s forthcoming second studio album, Don’t Sleep. 

Following her 2018 AMP-nominated debut LP, I’m Dreaming, Don’t Sleep also features the previously released singles, Sunrise (feat. Cadence Weapon) and In My Mind (feat. Ecca Vandal). Like her contemporaries, Mark Ronson and KAYTRANADA, Alice Ivy is described as straddling the intersection of producer and tastemaker.

Critical praise for her music includes Australian music collective Pilerats, who describe her as, “Easily one of the most talented in the game, layering samples, melodies and guest collaborators to give this woozy, Avalanches comparable sound.” Australian radio station Triple J says Alice Ivy has the ability to get the best out of her many collaborators.

For the musician, however, platforming new artists and helping new voices to break through to the mainstream goes beyond just tastemaking. Between releases, Alice has grown into one of Australian electronica’s most prominent advocates for female producers, putting her in step with other tireless voices such as KU?KA and Grimes.

Through her choice of collaborators, many of whom are female and non-binary, Alice Ivy is working to diversify the sound and look of the traditionally male dominated studio space through her body of work. Across Don’t Sleep, her curatorial skills are on display, as Thelma Plum, Montaigne, Ecca Vandal, Ngaiire, Benjamin Joseph of SAFIA, Odette, Bertie Blackman, Imbi and many more come together within Alice Ivy’s creative circle.

You can listen to ‘Better Man’ on Spotify, as well as watch her music video on YouTube.

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