Natalia Mavrogiannis, Co-Founder of her own app Natalia Mav, is a Greek/Australian personal trainer devoted to inspiring and motivating men and women to live a healthier and happier life. Natalia considers living a healthy lifestyle to be a vital tool in the success for enjoying a wholesome lifestyle. Her fitness app employs aspects for current life necessities such as efficiency and personalisation with 35-minute workouts and programs that are tailored to the individual’s goals.

Natalia spends her time in Melbourne, training her own clients and actively providing support to her global clients starting their fitness journey. Based on her own personal experiences and challenges, the importance of making a difference and helping to educate others who may have been in a similar situation was her main goal. Through her global platform, Natalia has created the possibility to encourage and unite individuals taking their first steps to begin a healthy lifestyle. She prospers in her busy daily schedule, incorporating her workouts, preparation of vegan meals, training local and global clients, spending time with her husband and maintaining her positive mindset.

Natalia continues to spread messages of hope and the power of leading a healthy lifestyle with the vision to grow her community and provide constant inspiration to those starting out on their fitness journeys. Natalia will be appearing at the Melbourne Fitness Show in October.

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