Female scientist and youth researcher at the Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), Inna Navarro is helping to find a cure for children’s genetic diseases. With a long living passion for science, Navarro grew up in a household of scientists and was inspired at a young age by her father who is also a researcher.  At the beginning of the year Navarro started working at CMRI as a research assistance at the Translational Vectorology Group, and has been doing excellent work developing vectors and microscopic tools for gene therapy ever since.

Navarro’s everyday is busy with multiple ongoing projects and experiments, meaning her days are well planned for the necessity of time management, to keep everything moving. “The most rewarding part of my job is knowing that it’s important and meaningful work. Everything that we do on a daily basis counts for something, and no matter how routine or small it may seem at the time, they are all important pieces in finding answers for real people,” she said.

Navarro expounded on the Jeans for Genes fundraiser, as Universal Store partners with CMRI, where five dollars from every pair of jeans purchased on Genes Day was donated. “It’s amazing that kids in school are aware of the campaign from a young age. The proceeds of the campaign go directly to the labs, and not only does that enable researchers to find cures and ultimately help children nationwide, but hopefully it raises awareness in the communities and inspires students to get involved,” she said. The fundraiser is important for the community as it raises awareness about the one in 20 kids born with a birth defect or genetic disease, and gives everyone a chance to contribute.

Navarro hopes her work will one day help a child in need. “These are kids that spend the first years of their lives being limited in one way or another because of their condition instead of being able to freely enjoy their childhood. If the research we do can cure even just one child, and give hope to other children, that would be amazing.”

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