Nicci Korff was living as an ex-pat in the middle east, and studying for her psychology degree, when she first came up with her business idea.

Just before moving back to Australia, Nicci stayed in a hotel and was unable to burn candles or use a diffuser, making it difficult for her to use her favourite essential oils to create the perfect study environment. Nicci would open the bottles to sniff the oil and even sometimes rub small amounts on her wrists before an exam to anchor the learning for better recall and to help her stay calm and focus.

Upon her return to Australia, Nicci designed two blends of essential oils – one to ‘rejuvenate’ and another to ‘alleviate’ certain moods and physical states. She picked crystals that had been claimed to provide the perfect healing energy to combine with the oil blends. And through her dedication and practice, Crystal Smelling Salts was born and has been said to be thriving ever since. The design of Nicci’s products is to provide an alternative pathway to experience essential oils by creating blends that can be enjoyed without steam or contact with skin.

While Nicci had to shut her massage studio due to COVID-19 restrictions, she increased production of her product Crystal Smelling Salts, battling against the financial impacts COVID-19 has had on businesses such as hers.

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