Nicole Gibson is the winner of the 2019 Women in Business Innovation and Technology Award for the Greater Brisbane region. She is the founder of Brisbane based Söka Australia, and her invention, the Soka Tub is an award winning laundry innovation.

The mother of four has made a difference in homes in Australia and across the globe, with her ingenious laundry soaking system, the Söka Tub. Nicole said that she designed it after constant complaints from her husband about the forever soaked clothes in the laundry sink. She took the challenge to design a usable, sustainable and effective product for soaking different clothes aesthetically.

Lo and behold – The Soka Tub is ergonomically designed to soak soiled, delicate and colored clothes – separately, but all in one tub! It allows for manual handling and prevents skin contact with water. Hence, benefiting those with sensitive skin and skin allergies. The ingenious tub also promotes water recycling. The Soka Tub is Nicole’s step towards sustainable and practical practices for households. The laundry innovation oozes style and versatility. It is an Australian made, super product, focusing on reducing water footprint from households.

Nicole is a Registered Nurse, author of parenting books, college basketball coach and referee. She believes in working smarter and that “big things can be achieved with motivation, persistence and effort”.

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