Nicole Steffens, recipient of The Downs Woman in Business of the Year Awards for 2019, is the youngest recipient of this prestigious award. An inspirational entrepreneur, she opened her first gym at 17 years old and now at 23, owns 4 gyms with 17 team members across these locations.

The idea to open gyms came from her love for people and a longing to help them live their best life. She “…love(s) helping people achieve their goals and improve their life, love(s) the journey and challenges of business and investing, and I love the personal growth involved with growing successful teams and multiple businesses. It pushes you to become a better person and to keep passing your knowledge on to help more people grow with you”.

Fueled by the belief that great businesses and incredible leaders are what will change the world, she offers some tips in growing success leaders: “Firstly, discover what the person’s goals are and why they are in your organisation. Secondly, seek to understand their true needs (rather than felt needs) and discover their personality type and what motivates them, so you can communicate with them to support them in achieving their goals within your company. Lastly, to grow a successful leader, you need to give a person the space and opportunity to grow, which is best cultivated in an environment where they are both supported and challenged”.

Nicole attributes her success to the constant learning and growing she does through books, podcasts, mentors, coaches and participation in business and networking events.  These, coupled with a resilient mindset, have helped her to overcome the problems and challenges in business as she has come to terms with the hard reality that challenges are as much a part of business as the victories. “A vital component of success is to discover your real purpose and passion, rather than pursuing money itself, which drives your ability to really impact and empower others.”

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