Rose Madden and Vanessa Cave are co-owners and creators of Nine Lives Bazaar, a business that takes inspiration from the 1970s in the form of freedom, expression, good times and bold clothes.

Based on the coast of sunny south-east Queensland, Nine Lives Bazaar began in 2012 as an avenue to share their amassing vintage collections. The soul sisters started off peddling their wares at both Byron Bay and Burleigh Heads markets and it was not long before they caught the creative bug and wanted to produce their very own vintage-inspired threads. The pair are so mesmerised with bygone eras that they look to the past to recreate their favourite old-school styles. But this time around Madden and Cave make sure they fit a little better, feel a little softer and make people’s hearts sing a little bit brighter.

Their upcoming collection, Utopia, celebrates big, bold florals in playful colourways. The Gold Coast brand’s highly anticipated range creates an evocatively feminine world for the statement makers – be it festival queens, bohemian babes or wedding glamours – Utopia is a time capsule to the halcyon days of the flower power era. The two believe that everyone should have fun with the way they dress and that style should be a reflection of individual personality. This means their bold collections are not for the faint-hearted. “Our customers are forever telling us how our prints remind them of their grandma’s retro wallpaper or their mum’s old flares,” Madden said. “We take a lot of inspiration from the extravagance of bygone eras. The print we created for Utopia is no different.”

The name Nine Lives represents the types of clothes, trinkets and treasures that the pair create. “They are the kind of pieces that will outlive this generation and be adored by the next. The kind of timeless items that will outlast nine pairs of hands and therefore have nine lives. We design clothes for women who like to let their colourful personalities shine through their style,” Madden added, “This range has been in the making for two years now and the excitement that’s been building from customers in that time is very inspiring for us.”

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