A single marked by a sweet and emotive charm, Even When We Let It Go from Melbourne indie-pop artist Odyssey S makes for a strong introduction to this young, non-binary artist. Demonstrating great pop sensibilities and writing knack, Odyssey S strikes at the heart with melodic depth.

A song as much about personal growth as it is about finding the right person to build a relationship with, Even When We Let It Go is endearing, and with Odyssey S taking charge with vocals reminiscent to Ruel, Cub Sport and Dean Lewis, the listener is enveloped instantly by a warm texture and tone.

Some of the best love songs are the most uncomplicated ones. Here, the songwriter lays his emotions on the table, unfiltered and not drowned in unnecessary metaphor or production. Working with Stuart Le Brander (Evangeline) on Even When We Let It Go, a simple idea came to life with gorgeous results. Working with Stuart was a dream. What started as a simple four-chord love song on guitar was quickly fleshed out into a sultry blend of pitched vocals, 808 bass, punchy drums and layers of vocoder and vocals,” Odyssey explains.

Emerging onto Melbourne’s indie scene this year, Odyssey S makes his entrance at an important and exciting time for Australian pop music. Honest songwriting and a clear love for pop production with that indie edge are elements of the genre that is defining a new sound for a younger audience, and this is a realm Odyssey S is perfectly primed to fit within.

With a strong foundation laid for the rest of 2019, the single is a reminder of hindsight’s importance and one’s journey forward. Even When We Let It Go’ is about that moment you realise that the person you’ve been waiting for was right there all along, even if it didn’t work out the first time,” said Odyssey S.

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