Opting from corporate to her own business in the fashion and beauty industry, Olivia Jenkins has overcome many of the industry’s unique challenges and what companies face daily. A career that involves more than just delivering marketing, she contributes to a business with its overall growth by consolidating each area of the business.

“I have always been inspired by the power of women, how women can build each other up and diversify in the business world. Female empowerment has always been a priority for me, growing up I saw my mum fending off ‘sharks’ in business – people trying to take a percentage of her business for a sliver of what it was worth because she’s a woman,” Olivia said.

With two children on the way for Olivia, she aspires to be a role model for her kids and loves to be a mumpreneur. “I can role model success to my children. Success has a different meaning for everyone, and I have the utmost respect for the career-driven woman, the dedicated full-time mum, and every kind of parent in between. For me, success means having a career that brings me a sense of achievement and being available for my children whenever they need me, and that’s what I truly love about being a mumpreneur,” she said.

Olivia hopes to inspire other mothers alike and women to define what happiness and success look like to them where they can identify their passions and ‘happy place’ to pursue the right steps to get to their ideal position. “Whether you’ve just had a baby, you’re expecting your first, or you already have a small soccer team – to find the courage to be a great mum and still pursue your passion,” she said.

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