It has been 365 days and 763 stories since we took the leap and created F Magazine, an online platform to celebrate Australian female success across ages, industries and lifestyles.

Publisher and Editor in Chief Danielle Hughes Brown is proud of the journey her team has taken so far. “We showcase the incredible women in our world each week with stories, profiles and news of females making a positive impact, but today especially, on International Women’s Day, we are reflecting on the inspiring community we have created over the past year,” she said. “As a team of women ourselves, we have relished the opportunity to share female success stories that inspire and lift each other up. When women work to support other women, incredible things happen.”

Gender equity is something about which Hughes Brown and her team of writers, marketers and designers are passionate. “Through F magazine, we recognise the importance of women and girls and their initiative and drive to succeed in all aspects of society. We look forward to continuing to share the stories of their journeys in order to encourage and inspire further female enterprise,” she said.

Over the past year F magazine has partnered with the Women in Business Awards of Australia to recognise and honour exceptional women making a difference. This week we are supporting the Queensland Women in Business Summit, bringing together icons and luminaries from across the nation to empower, stretch and build women across industries. Mid year we will proudly partner with the Modern Woman Expo, celebrating the lives of women, uniting like-minded and passionate females under one roof.

“To the women we have interviewed, profiled, shared and celebrated, and to our readers, whatever gender they identify as, we thank you for your support and participation. We look forward to continuing our journey empowering each other to be the best we can be,” Hughes Brown said. “Let us know your story too, by emailing our editorial team.”

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