Shelley Giffin, professional organiser and property stylist from InHome Styling, has helped many homeowners get their house in order over the years. As property styling ramps up in Australia, she decided that blending organising and property styling together would be of great benefit to those wanting to put their home up for sale.

For people who have been living in their home for many years, chances are they have gathered a lifetime of memories. Things belonging to children who may have moved out years ago, things belonging to parents and grandparents, holiday memorabilia, the list goes on. Shelley says this stuff goes wherever there is space to store it. “Open up any cupboard or drawer and I bet you will find things we haven’t used in years.” she said. “Having more storage isn’t always a blessing; it’s an excuse to hold onto items that have served their purpose and are past their use-by date.  If you are serious and ready to live in a richer and more simplified way, you don’t want to be taking this with you into the next phase of your life.”

Shelley has three tips for downsizing and reducing clutter. Once you have made the decision to downsize, immediately start the decluttering and depersonalising process. Work on one room at a time as this will help you see changes taking place, motivating you to keep going. As you go through each room, take a cleaning cloth and wipe out cupboards and closets. Secondly, the kitchen is the hub of the home – it is one of the most influential rooms when it comes to purchasing a home. The best investment of your time is to clean until it sparkles. Shelley’s final tip is furniture placement – does it flow peacefully from room to room?  Remove any excess furniture that prevents a buyer from moving through your home with comfort and ease. Give each room a purpose – if you have been using your spare room as a dumping ground, then showcase as it was intended, a bedroom.

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