Raising a child could be a difficult task for families, especially new parents. It is the same for Varsha Sanas, when her elder son was diagnosed with a disability. This boosts her to co-found Parents’ Wishlist with her husband, a platform and diverse community for parents and help them to achieve their parenting goals.

Parents’ Wishlist shares ideas and information about various aspects produced by Varsha – the chief editor, Bethany Hayes – the content writer, and a team of freelance writers. The articles cover topics ranging from parenting guides to gears.

The platform recently published a guide about autism in children, providing information for parents to identify autism. The article covers the causes and types of autism, the signs and symptoms that might arise, and what could parents do next as well as treatments that can be done. For parents who do not have any experience in dealing with autism, this article can be their first step to understand more about the issue, and to provide them guidelines.

Parents can also find tips to help their kids to reduce screen time. Children nowadays do not have stuffed dolls as their toys, but smartphones or other electronic gadgets instead. The website includes an article that shares ideas on how to unplug children from the online world and various applications.

The website does not only covers issues related to children’s growth, but also introduces and recommends gears such as strollers and car seats. It compares the advantages and disadvantages of the gears, providing readers more information to take reference when purchasing any product for their kids. This is definitely a helping hand to new parents, when they may not know where to begin.

Parenting is a lifelong mission, while parents are pouring all their love to their beloved children, the Parents’ Wishlist could be a lighthouse for new parents to start parenting more smoothly.

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