Gifted visual artist, songwriter and musician PARKER has announced her iridescent new single Can’t Keep Waiting on October 4, a once-in-a-lifetime song, that soundtracks a grand leap into the unknown and away from everything comfortable and safe. PARKER has also announced a cinematic video clip to accompany the track, made in collaboration with director and technology artist Jaymis Loveday and sculptor Briony Law.

Can’t Keep Waiting is transcendental, meditative; and at times feels almost ambient, with heavy, industrial percussion and repetitive synth patterns. But one thing that pulls the track into a truly close, emotive space is PARKER’s soft, intimate yet commanding voice. Evocative of Massive Attack and the lyrical and vocal prowess of Lana Del Rey, Can’t Keep Waiting is epic and overflows with the power of primal human emotion. “Can’t Keep Waiting is about gathering the courage to be honest with myself. It’s about letting go of all that is safe and familiar in life in order to evolve and grow,” explains Parker. “I believe it’s in the moments when we feel completely lost that we find the opportunity to discover something new about ourselves. Nothing is permanent, everything can change. Each moment we have the ability to create ourselves anew.”

PARKER has just completed an artist residency at the Sawtooth ARI gallery alongside drawer and sculptor Jo Lane, in order to prepare their upcoming exhibition You, Me and that Other Thing. You, Me and that Other Thing will see PARKER and Jo Lane explore the many facets of human connection. The exhibition will consist of three parts: historic works where inspiration has already manifested, a transition piece, and the work from an experimental performance of unity.

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