Chloe Styler, a  22 Year old singer/songwriter, has recently released her new single Patient Heart. This long awaited release has been two years in the making after her self funded debut Chloe Styler, in January 2017.

The Gold Coast based singer has been chasing her music dreams since the age of five, after her first live concert. At six she started taking piano lessons followed by singing lessons at 7, saxophone at 10 and progressing to teaching herself guitar at 13. In April 2019, Chloe was named as a finalist for Breakout Artist of the Year at the Gold Coast Music Awards. This year alone she’s performed at the Groundwater Country Music Festival, Gympie Muster and Deni Ute Muster.  Chloe loves performing live and is excited to perform Patient Heart to a live audience soon.

The new single was co-written by herself two of her fellow musician friends– Jenny Mitchell and George Goodfellow- while at a songwriting retreat. “I had this melody swirling around in my head but didn’t know what to do with it. We all sat down and got chatting to find that we’d experienced similar situations when it came to relationships and the uncertainty of falling for someone who isn’t sure they love you,” says Chloe. “The song is a plea for the person you love to let you know how they’re feeling before it’s too late, because none of us are guaranteed tomorrow.” Chloe hopes that the song resonates with the other Patient Heart’s out there and the song follows the same path as her last single.

“I’m so thankful for the ongoing support from radio, media and the industry as a whole! It’s heart-warming to know how well my music has been received the way it has so far”. The new single is available through ABC/Universal Music.

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