Director of Lunette Menstrual Cups Australia Elizabeth Chapman has launched Lunette’s Sustainable Period Project in Australia and New Zealand– the first step towards changing people’s mindsets about disposable sanitary items and ultimately encouraging them to make more sustainable choices.

The project is a collaboration with some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest sustainable and reusable menstrual companies and artisanal communities, including Modibodi, Natracare, OrganyC and Tom. Together, with Lunette at the helm, they have pooled their ideas and resources to create a free Resource Kit to be distributed to schools in the hope of igniting conversation about sustainable options at a grassroots level.

“The problem we face as a nation is that our current way of dealing with disposable menstrual hygiene products isn’t sustainable, and adding to the problem is the fact that schools have little or no resources to educate about sustainable options,” Elizabeth said. “With the war on waste movement rapidly gaining momentum in our younger generation, it is important that we continue to empower students at grassroots level to decide on and examine alternatives that have important health, cost and environmental impacts on the future of our beautiful country,” she added.

Each Resource Kit contains samples of biodegradable disposable pads, reusable period underpants, reusable cloth pads, menstrual cups, videos and activities that can be used for classroom education for years to come. The kit has cross-subject elements and is designed in a way that it can be used as part of a larger lesson, or form the whole lesson itself for years seven to 10. The launch coincides with the new nation-wide high school curriculum, in which all subjects are encouraged to include an element of sustainability. Lunette hopes the kit will offer personal development, health and physical education teachers, in particular, all the resources they need in order to fulfill this element of the curriculum – while also giving our younger generation the confidence to explore sustainable options in an environment of period positivity.

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