Starting off in marketing and design, Nicole Watt has forged a name in the close-knit animal care and management industry, being appointed as general manager of Brisbane’s first-ever pet crematorium.

Ms Watt, who has always had a love for animals and a passion for design, found her calling five years ago when she was employed as Pet Angel Funeral’s Design and Marketing Assistant. “Finally, I was able to combine my skills in design with my desire to care for animals. It’s wonderful that I am still working for this expanding company, not just in my marketing role but also with the responsibility of managing the new crematorium in Brisbane,” said Ms Watt.

“Our Virginia-based premises are state-of-the-art and being the first pet crematorium approved by Brisbane City Council, we are all determined to make sure that our clients – everyone from pet owners to veterinarians, are looked after to the highest standard. Our processes and procedures for cremating pets are second-to-none in this country and I am so proud to be with Pet Angel Funerals as it continues to offer its service to more and more people.”

Supported and motivated by her boss and founder of Pet Angel Funerals, Tom Jorgensen, Ms Watt is determined to soar to even greater heights and acknowledges that she would not be where she is now without his constant enthusiasm for her to excel Forever grateful and appreciative of the encouragement, Ms Watt is now a senior member of the team. “I am truly passionate about the work that I do and how it helps others,” she said.

In terms of inspiration, Ms Watt is particularly self-motivated. “I try to be my own motivator. I have a vision for myself and who I want to be. I try to be realistic with my goals. I already have a lot to build on and know I can achieve so much in the future.”

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