Not-for-profit organisation Women Sport Australia support female athletes, this week announcing a new initiative, the Women in Sport Photo Action Awards. The aim of the awards is to generate greater recognition and respect for the skill, strength and athleticism of Australian women who are actively participating in sport, already backed by some of Australia’s top female athletes.

There are two categories for the inaugural Women in Sport Photo Action Awards, one for professional photographers and one for amateur photographers, both will submit up to three photos of Australian sportswomen in action. WSA Communications Director Louise Evans wants to further promote women in sport so they are recognised for the hard work and dedication they put towards their sporting niche. “We want to help increase the visibility of sportswomen in the media and the public and help ensure female athletes are portrayed as tough, fit competitors, role models, heroes and leaders,” said Louise.

All photographs must show an Australian sportswoman or sportswomen aged 18 or above who are actively participating in sport at any level in Australia. The sport can be amateur or professional and the judges will favour photos that depict the athleticism, strength and the skill of a woman or women participating in sport.

AFLW Captain for the Western Bulldogs Katie Brennan believes there is a need to create greater awareness for women in sport, in order to create positive role models for young Australian women. “There is a need to showcase the strength, skill and athleticism of our amazing Australian sportswomen to create strong, body positive role models for young women to show what it possible,” said Katie. “The benefit of portraying female athletes as tough, fit and active participants is that it sets a positive example for young women of all ages and promotes physical activity. It is so important for young women to stay engaged in physical activity due to the amazing physical, mental and social benefits it brings.”

Fighting for equality, Women Sport Australia address issues regarding gender pay equity, a living wage for all elite female athletes, equal access to sporting facilities and amenities for women and girls both on and off the field. Additionally, they fight for equal media time and space for women’s and men’s sports Champion role models in women’s sport.

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