Founder of Pilates with Ali Ali Johnson is making being active easier for busy individuals. When she noticed a lack of community Pilates in Brisbane suburb Mitchelton, she decided to do something about it. “We have this amazing park in our street which was never used,” Johnson said. “And I thought, we need this and this is something I can offer.”

Johnson started her journey with Pilates eight years ago as a result of multiple health issues, both physical and mental. Over time, she saw a change and felt transformed within herself. “Because it was such a drastic transformation, from a 20 year old ‘skinny-fat’ girl who had panic attacks at least once a week, to somebody who glowed and went months without panic, I started receiving a lot of private messages from friends, friends of friends and even family members asking me how they could do the same,” she said. “That is where the coaching naturally came onto the scene.”

Johnson has since formed a group who meet each Saturday at her local park and take a 45-minute class. “We laugh, sweat and challenge ourselves,” she said. “I realised though, long before I started these community classes, that there were a lot of women who felt alone. So this was my small way of bringing us all together, to give us all something to look forward to each week. Pilates with Ali is for anybody who feels alone on their path, or perhaps feels disoriented and has no idea where they’re headed.”

Johnson says she has Pilates to thank for her improved health and mental clarity and only hopes to help as many people as possible, on their journey to find the same. “If you’re feeling lost or defeated, if your mindset needs some adjusting, if you feel like you have no time to ever focus on you and your health, then I’m your gal. I want you to know that you’re not alone in this.” Johnson attributes her connectivity and compassion as her biggest difference to similar businesses.

Johnson’s online Pilates programs are now available through her website and her Saturday morning classes are always open for anyone. “I’m a human just like you, and if I can get through what I’ve been through, you can get through what you’re going through. Of that, I have no doubt.”

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