Pip Meecham, a systemisation specialist, has a love for all things systems and technology and is all about empowerment, passion and strictly no boxes. Launching her start-up Project Box two years ago to help businesses look at the HOW in their company – how they do the things that they achieve, then translating that to ensure processes and workflows are optimised for efficiency and effectiveness.

Self – confessed geek Pip had the feeling she could achieve more in life having the realisation after having her daughter. “When I went back to work, I was treated poorly by an employer. That was the motivation I needed to do something about my dreams,” she said.

“I wanted to be someone that other people looked up to for advice and inspiration, all while being able to be there for my daughter. Of being someone who was recognised by her peers for her achievements. Of being the mum that has the freedom and flexibility to attend school events whilst still being able to comfortably provide for our twosome. Of having a life by design,” she continued.

Pip’s new way of working allows her to be there for her daughters’ special days and important events. “I love that we have the freedom and flexibility to choose lazy afternoons together after school, retelling stories from our days or sitting side by side working on improving our knowledge or as she puts it ‘bossing’. I love that we design our life around our goals and our needs at any given point. But more importantly, I love that I am inspiring and empowering her to follow her dreams and showing her that she can do or be whatever it is that she wants to in her life,” she said.

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