Peekabee is an Australian company, founded by Pippa McCreery, that is leading the market in innovative non-toxic baby & toddler feeding products.

Peekabee’s ever-growing range of beautiful and well-designed products hope to transform mealtimes for little Aussies, aiming to take the stress out of feeding for mums and dads and helping to save the planet. Helping find solutions to the prevalent issues of childhood obesity, excess food, and plastic waste average Australian family’s throw away, and the pressure of baby and toddler mealtimes on modern Australian households are the purpose which drives Peekabeels mission.

According to Pippa, Peekabee is extremely passionate about providing tools to help parents give their children a healthy start to life. Acknowledging there are lots of reasons why kids gain weight, including lack of sleep and genetic issues, Peekabee aims to challenge what they claim are two main causes of childhood obesity.

The first cause is poor energy balance, meaning children are gaining more energy from the food and drink they consume than they are expending through physical activity. The second problem is the food industry itself, says Pippa, who claims the food industry bombards kids daily with sophisticated marketing ads designed to get them to eat unhealthy foods.

Reflecting on her own experiences raising her children, she says, “When I became a mum in 2013, I also realised food manufacturers are happy to deceive mums into believing their expensive, heat-treated, nutrient-poor products are ‘healthy’ options for young kids. I wanted to help empower parents, by giving them affordable high-quality, non-toxic feeding tools, to make their parenting journey a little easier.”

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