Sunshine Coast publishing coach and assistant Poppy Solomon believes authors in regional Australia should get the same recognition and become just as successful as those in Sydney and Melbourne.

Poppy began her business, All Write, as she wanted to help authors grow after combining her experiences across the communications industries with her passion for books. Her start-up began as a small freelance social media company that has evolved into a boost for book publishing on the Sunshine Coast. Poppy says that she has always enjoyed reading books where she has taken the year to research the publishing industry to further her knowledge.

“When I did a study tour abroad semester in New York a few years ago, I realised it’s the heart of the book industry – I felt disappointed that we don’t have that culture here, and writing is less encouraged. I realised that we don’t have many opportunities for writers on the Sunshine Coast, because most of Australia’s publishing houses are in Sydney,” she said.

The lack of opportunities caused Poppy to create possibilities for aspiring authors in regional areas to achieve their goals of having their talented writing published. Poppy has found that there is also a lack in the diversity of publications recently and encourages working with authors who have different backgrounds for new and authentic works to be published.

Poppy says the amount of work involved with publishing a book usually overwhelms authors where they shy away from potential success. “People don’t always know that as an author, you need a website, social media presence, an email list full of fans and help with PR to get in the media. If you haven’t got a great story that’s been professionally edited and formatted there’s no chance,” she said. Poppy’s new role in the publishing industry helps to ease the struggles of aspiring authors and coaches’ writers through the process of publishing for the authors to hone in and focus solely on their writing.

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