Posh Active is an emerging Australian activewear brand specifically designed for women over the age of 50. Created by Gai Brennan and Lucy McLaren this partnership is defying the stereotype of what constitutes active wear.

Gai, aged 63, believes being fit is the key to aging positively. However, when she started on her journey to physical fitness the experience of looking for clothes to workout in left her feeling disheartened. “I found the activewear available to a woman my age very confronting. It was more suitable to an elite athlete than an older woman wanting to hide her lumps and bumps at the same time as getting fit. It was even suggested, while I was shopping in a prominent activewear store, that I would find more suitable attire in the maternity aisle. I didn’t want to wear skin-tight clothing and that was the only alternative. It was a light bulb moment,” Gai said.

Having been obsessed with fashion since starting her career in her early twenties with Jenny Kee, Gai went on to own and operate high-end fashion stores sourcing pieces from around the world. Starting an activewear brand for older women was a natural step in her quest to help women always look their best. “It is disappointing that wearing tight, unflattering activewear has been normalized for all body shapes and age groups. What is currently available is not allowing women to feel beautiful whether they are working out or just hanging out,” Gai continued.

Together Gai and Lucy have created the first-ever line of activewear specifically for women over 50. Posh Active is about changing attitudes towards how women should look when they are exercising. Posh Active has a range of pants, tights and tops that can be layered and look stylish whether working out or heading to lunch.

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