Alexandra Kierdorf-Robinson lives and breathes health and fitness and loves working in this ever-evolving, fast-paced industry, as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor on Australia’s Gold Coast. Kierdorf-Robinson will be appearing at the Brisbane Fitness Show this year.

Kierdorf-Robinson started training in Sweden as a Figure Skater from the age of five, moving on to playing soccer for the rest of her teenage years, where she was introduced to gym training and weights and has never looked back. She combines her love for weight lifting, cardio and yoga, bringing everything into balance, physically and mentally. At 22 years old she become a Group Fitness Instructor, and has since gained certifications in different types of weights and barbell classes, step, aerobics, aqua, boxing, indoor cycling, body/mind, yoga and circuit classes. She currently teaches Bodypump, RPM, Bodybalance, Power Up and Yoga (around 15 classes per week).

Kierdorf-Robinson has taught body/mind classes for five years and believes that it has completely changed her life for the better. The improved flexibility, mobility and core strength gifted by yoga keeps her healthy and able to teach more intense class types week after week. The impact on the mind, however, is the biggest plus. Yoga keeps her centred, grounded and better able to deal with life’s curveballs. First competing in 2014, she has since taken to the stage in the Figure category many times. In November 2015, she completed her competitive journey in Las Vegas at Musclemania Worlds where she placed third.

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