CEO and Founder of Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, and Associate Professor, Leanne (Lulu) M Zalapa is set to retire. Ms Zalapa has had an extraordinary career in nursing and philanthropic services.

Zalapa started the Foundation in 2004, where raising funds and supporting vital projects to enable best care for patients at the Prince of Wales Hospital was her goal. Under Ms Zalapa’s leadership, the Foundation has raised more than $25 million in funds. “Creating this vibrant Foundation has been a highlight of my life. The past 15 years are filled with so many milestones and memories. Our Foundation has contributed to nearly every department and ward in this hospital. Thousands of patients and staff have benefited through the support we have channeled from our donors, partners and friends,” Zalapa said.

Ms Zalapa is a recognised industry leader and has played a pivotal role in the Australian fundraising landscape. She has been pivotal in launching charities like Dry July and Dreams2Live4, and also set up the Prince of Wales Hospital Foundation, The Louisa Hope Fund for Nurses. She also holds the title as Associate Professor of Industry in the Faculty of Health at UTS, Sydney. During her career within health and the not-for-profit world, she believed in working with evidence-based data to perform her duties. She is also a mentor to many from the not-for-profit health sector.

“I would like to thank the Prince of Wales Hospital, the Foundation Board of Directors and our dedicated employees and volunteers for all of their support over the years. I would also like to extend my sincerest gratitude to our donors. Through their generous support, the Foundation has been able to make a tremendous and lasting impact at the hospital and in the community,” Zalapa said.

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