Currently working in a career as a Product Development Manager, Linda G Wells has more than 16 years experience in Project Management and Product Development. Wells has developed products in categories such as apparel, homewares, electrical sound and vision, sporting goods, FMCG and more.

The 1-3-year goal for Wells is to complete a TV streaming series that the team has written the scripts for, over the last year, 14 episodes with 7 characters and 7 cliff hangers in the final episodes. To achieve her goal, this year Wells has written and produced two short films to develop the experience needed within the film industry as a film maker.

After submitting to film festivals, and becoming a finalist with both films, the next project will be the comedy- drama web series, which are the short comic back stories of the 7 main characters in the TV series. In the midst of Mental Health Week, Wells’ Only One More Day has been chosen as a finalist in the International Shorts Film Festival. The film chronicles a man who has lost everything – his home, his job and his family, and the difference one day can make, when he realises one moment can change a day and one day can change a life.

โ€œThe story will resignate with most people, as at some time we have either known someone facing anxiety and depression or have suffered health issues ourselves. Itโ€™s important to talk about it, reach out to people and ask them if they are OK, talking out your problems does help.โ€ Linda said.

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