When it comes to home renovation, exterior design and property management, Naomi Findlay has a wealth of experience. With 114 property renovations to her name, she is also an author, television host and a successful business owner. On top of all of that, she is also qualified as a doctor, and a mother of two.

Naomi’s professional career actually began in medical science. After 17 years training and working in the industry, with a PhD under her belt, she then shifted her focus onto another one of her passions, and started studying design. “I always loved design, as a kid I would rearrange my room and play with design wherever I could,” she said. “Around 10 years ago I got into the property, design and renovation industry…I had connections through my science and education experience and decided it was time to pursue my creative dream.”

And pursue her creative dream she did. Ten years in the industry means now she is one of Australia’s highly respected renovators. Never fully letting go of her prior career though, she believes her science background strengthens the way she views design and renovation. “It’s all about critical thinking and viewing things from different perspectives,” said Naomi. This attention to critical thinking also translates in her style and aesthetic.”I am very classic when it comes to design. If anything my style is more heavily influenced by function. I can’t stand a pretty space that isn’t functional,” she said.

What does the future hold for Naomi? Almost too much to list. She has recently begun working with roofing companies, Monier, supporting the launch of its new solar product innovation InlineSOLAR. Naomi is also working on building a school in Cambodia, launching a new app – Rapid Reno Mate, and a Youtube show -The Reno Show.

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