Property and finance expert Ayda Shabanz is helping Australia’s younger generations enter and invest in the property market. As Managing Director and co-Founder of Grow Consulting Group, Ayda specialises in property and finance for Gen Y and Gen Z clients.

When Ayda entered the property industry in her early twenties, she felt she could resonate better with younger clients. “Since my own sentiment toward property and investment were different to those generations before me, I could empathise with those younger people and understand their motivations,” she explained. “Simple things like how to manage money and cash flow is a part of the process nobody teaches our generation. Nobody taught us at school how to invest in our future.”

Most of Ayda’s clients are born after 1979, therefore have very different ideas about property and finance to older generations. “If you look at one generation previously, there was a very strong sentiment towards home ownership,” she said. “But now owning a home is not necessarily everyone’s main goal and property that is being purchased needs to tick a lot of boxes. It’s not purchased just for home ownership.”

Ayda has always been passionate about helping young people to learn how to take ownership of their cash flow and to ensure they have attractive future financial options. She offers workshops around the country, educating attendees on everyday financial skills. “Some of my clients invested in property whilst choosing to continue living at home with their parents, others used the equity in their home to begin their property portfolio,” she said. “Most wanted to maintain the lifestyle to which they had become accustomed and still shape their future so we created a specific formula to achieve that for them.”

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