The brilliant Reilly Stapleton has recently released her new single and video, Impulse. The track explores the fine line between our morals and impulses.

Impulse explores the darker side of the human psyche, leaving no stone unturned. Stapleton’s powerful vocals take centre stage, as guitars scream and synths swirl around her. “Impulse is reflective of the constant battle between our negative impulsion and our inner consciousness that provides you with a positive moral compass,” said Reilly. “The song uses violence, anger and control in order to convey this unavoidable conflict. When somebody has a short tolerance of anger they can withstand, it is generally our consciousness that holds us back from lashing out.” The rock-pop track is reminiscent of sounds produced by Evanescence and the video, directed by Michael Sadler, takes inspiration from slasher films.

The video centres in on a whimsical tea party gone wrong as the main character finds herself picturing the grisly deaths of her fellow tea party attendees. Speaking on the concept behind the haunting clip, Reilly explains, “the protagonist struggles with maintaining self-control when it comes to the loud and obnoxious guests, so she begins to imagine the ways in which the guests could be murdered and her mind can once again be at ease. The guests become more irritating as the event goes on and she becomes quite irrational and exasperated… On her final murder spree, it seems she may have gone too far – the audience will be left wondering if her impulse really did take control.”

Reilly Stapleton will be celebrating Impulse with some intimate live performances, beginning with a residency at God’s Kitchen in Mornington on the first Tuesday of every month until the end of 2019.

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