Gold Coast local Sarah Andrews always looked up to her father Danny and knew she wanted to join forces with him in his industry of project development and construction at Andrews Projects. Danny was not going to let it be that easy however, sitting her down once she finished high school and telling her that she needed to get a real job, out in the real world.

Sarah did just that and in addition to a business degree, she did telemarketing for a year and a half and also opened a coffee shop for a year. They were great learning experiences and after graduating, Sarah worked at investment bank Macquarie Group for five years where she rose to the position of Senior Associate.

When Sarah’s dream of joining the family-run business came true, she knew that she had earned the experience and confidence to thrive in her role as Sales Manager at Andrews Projects. With Sarah heading up sales, Andrews Projects became a force to be reckoned with, achieving the result of selling out 100 per cent of its Vue Broadbeach apartments in just 12 months, while simultaneously pre-selling $80 million worth of apartments in a difficult market.

Sarah is the first to tell you that the notion that real estate development is glamorous is not true and she works tirelessly at the coal face, living the daily grind with each and every deal. However her passion for the industry and dedication to herself, her career and her family have continued to reap amazing results for her family business.

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