Entrepreneur and game changer Lisa Messenger is a creative powerhouse with a burning desire to ignite human potential on the global stage – a passion that runs so deep, she is willing to set fire to her corporate identity in order to rise from its ashes.

An author of six books and counting, ex-editor of popular Collective Hub magazine and an inspirational speaker among a plethora of creative enterprise, Lisa is a force to be reckoned with. Her passion lies with encouraging those with dreams to conquer them, seeing the beauty in “nimble and flexible” startups who have the ability to “be agile, morph and pivot quickly”.

In a mere five years she grew the Collective Hub, a community of driven business owners and budding moguls centred around a print magazine launched amidst a global media sensation, when more than 5500 magazines dowsed the Australian magazine market. A saturated market might have some small business owners drawing back in fear, but in Lisa’s eyes, inundation only proves market appetite. “I have proven truly anything is possible … My advice – just look for parallel opportunities and ways that things have been done outside your industry, then apply them.”

Lisa learned from this half a decade exercise that “bigger isn’t always better”, now deciding to downsize her company to a small core team, contracting freelance specialists when the latest project demands it. “My ethos in business now is to decentralise as much of my team as possible – using specialists not generalists on a project by project basis.  It provides flexibility to all and in my view is a much more enjoyable and sustainable way of working.”

She will release her latest title Risk & Resilience this September, relaying in real time how she found the courage to break the very cornerstone of the brand she has spent more than five years building, in order to reinvent what will come next. She admits “business is not for the faint hearted” believing that those who remain true to their vision and purpose will inevitably succeed, no matter the path.

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