Nicolle Edwards is the founder and CEO of RizeUp, a community-driven organisation committed to providing practical support to the many women and families affected by domestic and family violence. Nicolle’s journey to RizeUp began six years ago, after assisting a friend of a friend set up house after leaving a violent relationship.

This injustice sparked a fire in Nicolle. She realised support like this should be made available to all families trying to leave a life of violence behind. Nicolle’s successful journey has been recognised by the community, and she is an accomplished TEDx speaker. As the 2017 recipient of Excellence in Volunteer Management Award (Queensland Volunteering Awards), Nicolle currently manages more than 250 volunteers and is resolute in growing RizeUp into a national organisation. Nicolle’s determination will see RizeUp become a household name, synonymous with breaking the cycle of violence and create hope for families affected by domestic and family violence.

RizeUp Australia has local hubs across Queensland and NSW with dedicated teams of volunteers to facilitate fundraising, donations, and aid for women and their families facing domestic violence. Volunteers can make a difference by aiding with The Homes Program, where RizeUp provides practical assistance in the form of household donations. Typically, when women have fled a domestic violence situation, they seek solace or care in a refuge, but after 12 weeks are required to source independent accommodation. Volunteers can either donate furniture items and/or help to refurbish homes within their local community. The Homes Program is a meaningful way for people to connect with a cause that is changing lives. It is through the help of strangers that these vulnerable families are given a chance to re-write their ending and live a life free from violence.

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