Rizwana McDonald is the Brisbane based entrepreneur behind Foundd Legal, a business changing the way small businesses and entrepreneurs navigate the requirements of the Australian legal system.

With a burning passion to support and protect the creative industry of Australia and the many small businesses, entrepreneurs and creatives who are doing great things, Rizwana launched Foundd Legal in 2019. Her goal is simple; to protect, empower and educate creative entrepreneurs and their ideas by running a legally-legit business.Β Foundd Legal is the first of its kind, providing straight forward, fixed cost, easy to understand legal products and services to businesses, equipping them with the resources, know-how and support to grow without fear.

Rizwana aims to encourage creatives and fellow entrepreneurs to use the power of the Australian legal system to protect themselves, their budding business and their ideas from the beginning, through the use of her downloadable and amenable templates. As an experienced, qualified lawyer, Rizwana discovered there were a number of talented and in-demand creative specialists and entrepreneurs that had fantastic ideas, niched business models and a client list waiting to work with them, but who had no access to affordable legal advice, education and resources, imperative in running a successful and protected business.

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