Australian rock artist Sarah McLeod has announced her new single, Killin It Til I’m Dead, a song about undying, unwavering confidence.

Killin It Til I’m Dead was inspired by an ingenious new songwriting podcast Hatjam from Eskimo Joe’s Kave Temperley, which Sarah was a guest on, and thus the song was born. To celebrate the release of the single, McLeod was planning to hit the road in April and May, starting off in Geelong at the Workers Club on April 2, then touring through regional and metropolitan cities in Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales, and ending it on May 2 at The Vanguard in Newtown, New South Wales. These plans are on hold with the Coronavirus pandemic.

The single is one of many classic cut’s from Sarah McLeod, who found fame in the late 1990s with 3X ARIA Award winning rock band The Superjesus. Her new single is sure to make fans listen in on its conception, from beginning to end, on Hatjam.

Inspired by Kim Wilde‘s Kids In America, McLeod explains more about the songwriting process, saying, Hatjam is a live songwriting game in which the guest and Kav write a song on the spot while being recorded for the podcast. I was Kav’s first guest and appeared on episode one.  Fans of the softer acoustic numbers won’t be disappointed though, as I throw in a couple for diversity.  It’s a very dynamic show. Killin It Til I’m Dead was not written with a release in mind, but it fit so well in my new electric set, so I decided to take it on the road and make it part of the family.  I’m really excited to break away from the solo acoustic thing and stand up and rock a one-woman full production show.  What’s the worst that can happen?  I’ve already toured with a broken leg!”

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