Lindt siege survivor Selina Win Pe has been appointed an ambassador for charity Rural Aid to support farmers, their families and rural communities across Australia. Selina said she is looking forward to embarking on her new journey as an ambassador for the charity.

“When the siege happened in the Lindt Chocolate Cafe, I had amazing support from across Australia and I have been looking for the right way to thank the community for the support and love I’ve received,” she said.

Selina left her home of Mosman in March this year to travel throughout New South Wales and witnessed first-hand the devastation of the drought. “I felt tremendous sadness looking at the landscape, the cattle and the farmers working tirelessly to feed them,” she said. “My road trips to rural townships in recent months meeting country Mayors has given me an opportunity to see the issues first-hand and find out the best ways to help and add real tangible value.”

CEO Charles Alder said he was delighted to make the announcement because Selina is passionate about making a real difference to communities in regional Australia. “It is difficult to understand what she has been through and we are delighted she is now in a place to move forward and commit her energy to help others,” he said. “Selina has faced post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and depression since the siege and I know her strength of character will shine through in her new role to support farmers struggling in the face of adversity.”

“Selina is an inspirational, resilient woman and I look forward to supporting her on this journey,” Alder said. “Selina has already donated $10,700 of her savings to Rural Aid at a recent fundraising dinner and made a personal pledge to raise $1 million for our charity.” Selina’s role will include initiating conversations surrounding resilience, courage, mental health, wellbeing and one’s sense of community on behalf of Rural Aid. She will work on programs including the charities Mental Health Counselling program and Gift of Music program to help reinvigorate the community and lift peoples’ spirits forming lasting connections with people in rural communities.

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