Many women are nervous on their wedding day. When nervousness crosses over to anxiety, there is an issue and Jacqui Pitman is committed to helping solve this.

Statistics form Beyond Blue reveal that one in three women will experience anxiety in her lifetime. In 2015, Jacqui was one of them. In the midst of planning her wedding, whilst studying and working a corporate job, she noticed she was having problems. Her friendships were breaking up, she wasn’t dealing with her stress in a healthy manner and she was anxious all the time. But Jacqui’s story doesn’t start there.

In 2013, she was suffering from severe and chronic headaches. Her doctors told her there was nothing that could be done. The painkillers she had been taking were no longer working, and she was tired of the pain and the hassle. Then and there she decided to get her life back. It began with studying. Which foods and exercises work best for her? What toxins were in her home? How can she develop her mind and soul? She sought help from a health coach and shortly after she began losing weight. Her mind became clearer. She was happier. But perhaps most importantly, her pain was gone.

As her wedding day approached, and her stresses returned, she realised the work was not done. She organised a ceremony of her own, with her bridesmaids, before the sun rose including a yoga session. It helped her to ground her and to become calm. Her wedding was magical and she believes that taking the time to focus on herself let her be present in the moment. Since then, she has helped others do the same. Jacqui became qualified as a health coach in 2015 and has recently expanded her services to include Sacred Celebrations to calm the nerves of other brides.

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