The Other Chef, Makers & Providores is a family owned and operated business manufacturing a range of award-winning condiments. Inspired by locally grown ingredients, The Other Chef’s range of products are all natural, allergen free, vegan friendly, with no added preservatives.

The Other Chef’s latest project supports food sustainability by teaming up with local organic grower, Sweet Water Farm, to create a range of premium condiments with award-winning black garlic as the star ingredient. Sally Ayre-Smith began growing organic garlic on her property, Sweet Water Farm, on the banks of the river in the Macleay Valley in 2008.

Once the producer of acclaimed television series, SeaChange, she and her partner Marcus Skipper had left behind their busy city life, moving to the hinterland of the mid north coast seeking a change of pace and lifestyle. Ayre-Smith’s enthusiasm for small-acre farming practices meant that the property went on to produce an average annual crop of 7 tonnes of certified organic Russian garlic, which quickly became sought after by city restaurants and discerning consumers.

A chance meeting in 2019 at a Sustainability field day in Port Macquarie evolved into a fruitful partnership with Eric Robinson, owner and operator of The Other Chef, Makers & Providores, a business with a history of supporting local and regional farmers, assisting them to reduce food waste by value-adding excess or less-than-perfect crops. With an interest in the growing popularity of black garlic, and with plenty of encouragement from Sally, Robinson developed a unique processing method that resulted in a black garlic that won two national awards in its first year of release.

That black garlic is now the star ingredient in three new products: Truffled Black Garlic Mustard, Black Garlic Worcestershire and Truffled Black Garlic Balsamic. These products have quickly become the best sellers in the Other Chef range. “Every time someone tries these products, we watch their jaw drop” says Eric’s wife and business partner Monica Robinson. “No-one leaves our factory store without purchasing at least one bottle of Truffled Black Garlic Mustard – and they keep coming back for more”.

With the business recently selected by Investment NSW to join the Flavours of NSW Stand at Fine Food Australia in Sydney, Monica is looking forward to showcasing the black garlic range. “Being regional, it’s not always easy to find and meet with metropolitan retail buyers and distributors, so we are thrilled to have this opportunity to do so in Sydney.”

The collaborative relationship between grower and processor endures, with Ayre-Smith excited to see her garlic used in new creative ways. “These products are an example of the magic that happens when local business work together, and I am looking forward to assisting Monica as an ambassador of The Other Chef brand at Fine Food Australia” she said.

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