A love of the sun, longing for a lifestyle change and a better work/life balance brought Sarah Cash, her husband Neil and their daughter Faith to Australia from the UK just three years ago.

In her thick Manchester accent, Sarah delights in telling how her dental qualifications gained over 20 years in the industry were recognised in Australia.  “When the Queensland Government offered to sponsor me, we jumped at the chance to chase our dream and move to the Gold Coast.”

It’s where she has worked for Maven Dental since July 2018.  Maven Dental’s vision is to become the leading oral health care provider in Australia.  They’re values that align with Sarah’s and why she loves working as the Lead Hygienist at the Robina clinic where her average day is 8am-6pm. “Most Dental Hygienists tend to be female,” she said.  “It’s a fantastic job that allows me to manage my family and I get to work four days a week”.

Sarah is equal parts passionate about dental health and her patients. “I really want people to prioritise their teeth”, she said. “I urge all of my patients to brush their teeth twice a day, use floss and/or interdental brushes, use fluoride toothpaste, limit sugary foods to meal-times only and see their dentist every six months”.

Sarah studied at university where she gained a double diploma in Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy.  She has also completed training using Airflow to practise Guided Biofilm Therapy (the technique she uses to treat all of her patients). When asked what advice she has for other women considering a role in oral health care, Sarah suggests “find what works for you, expand and test yourself and if you genuinely enjoy your job, you’ll want to do your best.”

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