Sarah Kottmann runs her own homeopathy practice where she plays a guiding role in the healing of her patients by combining several powerful modalities that all draw on energy healing to bring about a positive change in the body.

These modalities include homeopathy, reiki, craniosacral therapy and nutrition to support illness and maintain wellness. “My journey as a healer began from the inside, I had to work on myself tremendously. Through doing so, I identified the lifestyle that would bring me job satisfaction, flexibility in my work to be on duty on my terms, and still have the necessary success to support my family,” she said.

Being a mumpreneur has come with challenges and overcoming these challenges has made her a stronger role model for her son and a more capable businesswoman. “I love that I get to wake up each day and demonstrate to my child that difficulties are a natural part of life, and turning your passion into a career is a realistic dream,” she said.

“My success is not just about being a good role model and a happy businesswoman. It’s also a gift because I get to walk with so many wonderful people on their own healing journeys, sharing in their triumphs and challenges. I also love that being a mumpreneur has pushed me to heal myself, too. I’ve had to face my own inner shortcomings, discover self-acceptance, and embrace success. I have the most wonderful balance between earning an income, being there for my family, and practising self-nurture.”

There’s a few things Sarah wishes she had known before starting her business. “Success is not the story you read when others share their journey across social media. It is much harder when you put it into practice. Although success isn’t so easy, facing challenges is not what determines whether you are successful or not. Consistently working towards your goals and practising patience will ensure you achieve your success,” she said.

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