Infamous for their quirky yet beautiful prints, BlackMilk is a clothing brand for the fun, fabulous and daring. CEO Sarah Osburn has experience working with several retail and clothing brands including David Jones, Big W, Target, designer retailer Burberry and now the global online retailer BlackMilk Clothing.

Sarah is focused on the customer, making sure that the prints and styles BlackMilk chooses reflect customer demands and desires. “In all my roles and companies the customer is always my primary focus.  I am a strong advocate for customer insights and make decision on data and interactions, not opinions.  I have worked as a turnaround specialist in many roles, taking stagnant declining businesses and departments into rapid growth and profits by building strategies around the customer, analytics and market relevance. Understanding and delivering what the customer wants and having the right team to deliver it reign number one, you get those right and everything else follows,” Ms Osburn said.

Going from a small startup to a global brand as BlackMilk has is quite a feat, one in which Sarah has had to juggle. “Transitioning from a start up to a sustainable global business without losing that entrepreneurial cultural spirit, in a volatile retail market, where customer expectation, relevance, differentiation and profitability have to exist hand in hand is a balancing act,” she said.

The people behind Blackmilk are just as important as the people who wear the whimsical pieces. Sarah is a big advocate of team growth and spontaneity. “I love leading such a passionate and talented team, and seeing the team realise their potential and creating opportunities for them to progress. I also enjoy having no day the same and working across all areas of the business, it never brings a dull moment.”

If she could change anything about her role, the unpredictableness and intensity of the retail industry would be the first to go. “I dislike the reality that not quite everything can be achieved yesterday.”

Since Blackmilk was founded in the suburbs of Brisbane, the brand has reached unbelievable heights yet the end is not in sight yet. “We will be implementing a new strategy later this year to ensure we are future proof, sustainable and poised for global growth.  No stone will remain unturned in our analytics and preparation to ensure we deliver the most unique, quality product at the best price to make our customers feel empowered and fabulous whenever they wear our creations. Participating in the Best of Brisbane Style and Design Market is also an exciting first for us giving our customers the opportunity to experience our brand in a pop-up environment.”