Online charity GIVIT, headed by CEO Sarah Tennant, has launched a national appeal to assist frontline organisations supporting the millions of Australians impacted by domestic and family violence.

Recent research shows the issue has become more prevalent since the onset of COVID-19, both in Australia and overseas. More than 60 per cent of requests, or 80,000 items currently listed on GIVIT are for hardships directly linked to domestic and family violence. These items range from maternity items for young mums to booster seats for unemployed single fathers, and household furniture for those fleeing situations with no possessions but the clothes they were wearing.

Recent research from the Australian Institute of Criminology indicates households isolating as part of COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in a significantly increased rate of Domestic and Family Violence. Almost 1 in 6 women have experienced violence at home, and two-thirds of those have experienced domestic violence for the first time while isolating due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports a woman is killed almost every week, and a man every month, by their partner.

Ms Tennant said the majority of donations through GIVIT go towards helping people in need due to domestic and family violence. “Frontline services supporting those impacted by domestic and family violence are experiencing unprecedented demand. Brave people need giving hearts, and this appeal gives allows all Australians to make real and positive differences to the lives of those experiencing, escaping and being impacted by violence at home,” she said.

“Domestic and family violence doesn’t discriminate. It affects all genders, sexual orientations, races, religions and social classes.” The items requested by support organisations working with people impacted by domestic and family violence can be many and varied.”

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