Sydney’s Sarah Yagki returns for a brand new year of music with another hit of addictive indie-pop music in This Won’t Hurt.

Emerging re-energised and ready to introduce a fresh facet of her songwriting and performance to audiences, This Won’t Hurt is as much of a beginning of a new era for Yagki, as it will be a jump-off single for newcomers. The multi-instrumentalist has been building her body of work consistently since the release of her first two singles in 2019, Chasing Black and HDYAI?, and with This Won’t Hurt, Yagki brings a strong sense of self-aware lyricism together with a catchy musical arrangement.

The creative process for the single took place largely out at Obseen Recordings in Bowral, where Yahki produced the track alongside James Guido, who also mixed the final product. Where her sound in the past has been influenced by the likes of Halsey, Sia, and Blackbear, Yagki takes those sonic foundations and pushes them further as her exploration of alternative pop sounds continued to thrive over the last two years.

Sarah explains her newest single, delving into the meaning behind the lyrics, showcasing the culmination of time she spent ruminating on relationships and the intricacies of connections with other people. “This song is about falling back into habits with an old relationship, with the inability to let go of one another, despite knowing that it will hurt.”

Multiple publications have praised Yagki’s musically catalogue and character, casting her talent and authenticity into the limelight. “Her music is simultaneously raw and explorative; it’s rooted in pop, but teachers far wider,” said Happy Magazine. According to Vocal Media, “although it may be early days for this artist, there is no doubt that her talented, raw lyricism and experimental beats are a force to be reckoned with.”

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