She to Sea is an all-female surf art exhibition held in conjunction with the 2018 Laguna Real Estate Noosa Festival of Surfing. Held on March 13 at Halse Lodge, Noosa Heads, this exhibition is as inspiring as it is empowering for women. When Tracy Naughton of local creative brand Let Me Sea began photographing the Noosa Festival of Surfing she couldn’t have predicted curating her own all-female surf art exhibition, but if she could she wouldn’t have wished for a better collaboration.

“I’ve always loved the festival from the first time I began shooting it,” says Tracy. “The people, the community spirit and the surf stoke.  “I’m starting to make connections with a lot of the local surfers through my photography, collaborating on shoots or just getting out and seeing who is about.”

Her idea to work with the Noosa Festival of Surfing and involve all female surfers, artists and photographers grew out of her love for the arts and her recent focus on female surfing. “I started paying attention to other photographers and artists around me,” she recalls, “and realised we have some amazing talent on the coast that needs to be shared. The exhibition, She to Sea, currently has four artists and four photographers including international artist Elena Grib, who has designed the artwork for this year’s festival.

Each artist and photographer has their own style and are all incredibly supportive and excited to be involved. “The exhibition is really a reflection of what surfing is to women surfers, having fun, getting outdoors, being able to express our individual style and making friends,”  shares local artist Amanda Davidson. Tracy has dreams of holding this exhibition annually and hopes it will become something people mark in their diaries when thinking of coming to this Festival and embracing all it has to offer.

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