Shebah is Australia’s first and only active all-female ride-sharing service, dedicated to getting women and children where they need to go in a safe and convenient manner. All the drivers are female, and only women and children are accepted as passengers.

Shebah launched on International Women’s Day this year, and within just 24 hours of becoming available, it shot to the top of the weekly Appstore charts. The service was created by founder and owner, George McEncroe. “Mainly I was worried about my daughter having nights out with friends and coming home in rideshare or Taxi’s that led to me realising that women driving for these platforms are also at risk,” she said. “I wanted to find a way to make traveling safe for women while creating a safe working environment. Thus Shebah was born.”

Since its inception the service has flourished, and remains in the top 100 travel apps of all time and its popularity continues to grow. George says that developing the new business, though, was not always smooth sailing. “It was incredibly daunting but I was determined to make women feel safer. I am lucky I have an excellent team that helps me get through the day to day of running a business and I love learning new things which I am still doing daily at Shebah.”

George is proud that Shebah means women can sit in the front seat of a car without feeling uneasy, and can feel reassured knowing their children can be dropped off to school in a safe environment, something George prides herself on. “The knowledge we are keeping women and children safe on the streets of Australia is the most rewarding aspect of this endeavour.”

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