Inaugural SheEO Australian Venture Yasmin Grigaliunas, CEO and Co-founder of the World’s Biggest Garage Sale (WBGS), never expected that when she did a spring clean and held a garage sale to sell the family ‘stuff’ for charity, that it would explode into an annual community event in Brisbane, giving birth to WBGS.

While on the entrepreneurial journey and seeking investment for WBGS, Yas came across SheEO and knew she had to be a part of it. “Here was this incredible group of radically generous Activators, who had come together to fund female-led Ventures, with no fiscal return on investment, just the supreme knowledge and well-being that comes from knowing you’ve helped make the world a better place.” The funding from SheEO has further enabled Yas and World’s Biggest Garage Sale – who deliver Events, CANsulting & Education around the circular economy and dormant goods for good – to really expand our team and deliver on events such as their upcoming Retail Rescue, thereby increasing landfill diversion and creating new markets by drawing wealth from waste.

A one-percenter, one of those people with a natural capacity and passion only matched by her energy for entrepreneurship, Yas is humble about being a circular economy pioneer in Australia, and her ability to drive this industry forward by innovating, collaborating, connecting and mobilising multiple stakeholders towards a shared vision, all while providing social good. “Just like the SheEO model is about coming together and collectively helping make the world a better place through funding, I see the circular economy and impact that we can make will only happen if we work together to address issues like waste, ensuring businesses leading the change are triple bottom line – social, environmental and economic”. Yas and her organisation are living proof that you can provide positive impact for people, planet and profit for purpose.

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