Sima Mala is a Forensic Toxicology Analyst at Queensland Health, Domestic and Family Violence Network Champion, and Mrs Asia Pacific Universal 2019 Advocating DV awareness and prevention in the APAC region.

She started a charitable business Fancynators and initiative called Crown for Charity where she designs and sells millinery in her spare time with all proceeds going towards setting up homes for the DV survivors in Queensland. Sima is also a published model working alongside several local and international designers promoting art, local talents and multiculturalism.

“Through my work and charity events Iโ€™m able to reach into the root level of issues and impacts of Domestic Violence in our community and I believe that through my initiative I have been making positive impact in terms of raising awareness alongside victim support and involving many in my cause, such as models, designers, photographers, event organisers and many more who promote my designs and convey the message behind my initiativ,” she said.

“Itโ€™s been a group effort and I am thankful to those who have helped me in this journey so far, but much more work is needed as the current situations has caused a huge spike in the ย DV numbers nationwide. I wanted to share my experience and ideas to those who are able to donate some of thier time while in isolation and try being creative and designing things within thier capacity which can be sold later on to help the organisations which support the survivors.”

Due to the current COVID restrictions, fundraising events which were planned for the month of May to mark the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention month were allย  cancelled. “This means that a lot of organisations supporting the victims really need your help right now so I urge all my talented friends out there to please think of ideas in which you can contribute towards this great cause,” Sima said.

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