Kelly Carthy, a leadership and well-being strategist based in the Sunshine Coast is calling on women across Australia and New Zealand to embrace a culture of “being well”, in order to establish balance and meaning in life. As burn out culture reaches crisis levels, she promotes a tried and tested philosophy for self-leadership and encouraging others to “live their life” in every aspect in order to feel empowered, and overcome the self-imposed blocks that prevent them from reaching their potential.

Kelly says she sees the effects of burn out daily. “High-achieving women everywhere are maxed out, addicted to being busy and overwhelmed,” said Kelly. “Exhaustion is seen as badge of honour, of worth, yet the risks to health and wellness of this pace of life are huge. I want to support people before they reach burn out, and show them that by resetting their body and training themselves to think in a different way, they can achieve balance, and embody a sense of flow in each area of their lives.”

A strong advocate for the power of self-empowerment, Kelly has spent two decades coaching and empowering thousands of Australians to lead from within, through introducing them to strategies to live a purposeful life. Kelly specialises in guiding people, particularly women, to learn effective and sustainable strategies and be more conscious and self-aware of their actions and choices, in order to gain confidence, self-worth and happiness in the now and in the future.

Kelly offers this support through one-to-one coaching, small group coaching and through Luxe Escapes, bespoke retreats on the Noosa coastline. Her philosophy is around ‘being well’ rather than well-being, encouraging clients to ‘be’ authentic, ‘be’ present and to shift from doing in life to being. Since launching both her businesses, Kelly has seen an increased number of people coming to her for support as a result of feeling they are reaching ‘burn out’. With many people juggling busy lives of full time work, parenthood and other caring responsibilities the risk of ‘burnout’ is greater than ever.

Kelly tackles this issue head on by introducing her clients to concepts of ‘self-leadership’ and empowerment, teaching them practices and techniques to build deeper levels of trust in ourselves, and learn how to ‘be’. She says,  “I see so many women who think that feeling overwhelmed and stressed is part and parcel of being a successful, modern professional, but it doesn’t have to be that way! I want to show as many people as possible that they can rediscover their life and create ‘a new self’ that is more effective in a life that is consciously-led. If you feel you have read all the books, been to all the seminars and are still struggling with self-doubt, the simple teachings of learning how to BE are the answer.”

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