Folk artist Harper Bloom share gleaming tales of hope, clarity and the rediscovery of life with her delicate vocals and utterances of vulnerability. Bloom (also known as Hayley De Pledge) is 25 years of age and from Perth, though has relocated to Melbourne.

Bloom made a decisive entrance into the industry last month with her debut her first single, Mary. On April 2, she announced a moving clip to accompany her new release, directed by David Hansen. The film follows elderly wife Mary as she lives out her supposedly humdrum life with her husband. The scene is set when Mary stumbles into the living room to find her husband drunk and passed out on couch. In a cinematic, tray-dropping moment of revelation – Mary takes to the streets leaving her husband in their suburban home.  “After moments of taking in her life over the past 60 years, she gains clarity and decides to finally leave. The story then follows Mary on her journey of rediscovery,” explains Bloom.

Bloom’s single has begun making steady tracks on its way to gratification within the big leagues – including a shining review from the station’s leading voice of Home and Hosed, Declan Byrne. “Super endearing stuff from Harper who I’d want telling me stories by the campfire,” wrote Byrne on Bloom’s Triple J Unearthed page.

Bloom’s writing explores the bounds of indie-pop that fringes on the sounds of Courtney Barnett whilst working through the novel narrative style of Paul Kelley. “The single is essentially about not being afraid to be vulnerable and take risks, no matter who you are or how old you are.  It’s about having the strength to leave a comfortable, mundane existence behind in search of enriching experiences and a new lease of life,” explains Bloom.

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