Sister Support, an initiative run by Kiwi based active wear company Cadenshae has a new goal: to donate clothing to one million new mothers globally by 2025.

Launched in 2016, Sister Support was meant to be a one-off drive to supply mothers in developing countries throughout the Asia-Pacific with second-hand nursing bras, tanks and singlets. However, the campaign was a massive success with more than $100, 000 worth of donations being received, including 3000 brand new Cadenshae nursing sports bras. Due to its popularity, the active wear brand for mothers has turned Sister Support into an on-going initiative this week.

Cadenshae Owner Adam Clarke says he is confident the company will reach their goal. “We’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of donations we’ve received from our customers. With a few tweaks here and there, we believe we’ll make this happen.” Mr Clarke says he feels it is the company’s duty to do more for those in lower socio-economic areas. “Generally, we deal with women who can drop $50 on a bra and not think too much of it…but for many, this just isn’t a happening thing. By creating ‘Sister Support’ we’re able to do what we should – literally help a sister out, no matter what her personal financial situation is.”

To function, Sister Support relies on women over the world donating their pre-loved bras, nursing bras, singlets or tanks to a local charity. Donors are then encouraged to post a photo of themselves giving back on their social media pages, using the hashtag #cadenshaesistersupport. From there, donors send a screenshot of their post to Cadenshae and list what items they have given away.

“Once we receive the screenshot, we’ll then message back with a 20 per cent off discount code, so that the donor can use it for their next Cadenshae purchase, or gift it to someone else.” Clarke says now that ‘Sister Support’ has morphed into a larger campaign, they will be able to fit out more women in more regions. “We just want to make as many new mothers the world over feel comfortable, supported and happy.”

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